Hemp Bioplastic – A Solution to Our Plastic Problem

Hemp plastic is an amazing way to help combat our ever-growing plastic pollution problem. Although it isn’t widespread in use yet, it is a reliable, sustainable, and durable alternative to fossil fuel-based plastic. Unfortunately, it’s an industry waiting to become commonplace globally. Here are some ways we can replace our use of regular plastic with hemp bioplastic.


Hemp Bioplastic Take-Out Containers and Cutlery

Hemp bioplastic is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-based cutlery, and plastic and styrofoam take out containers, which take approximately 1000 years to degrade. This then still leaves tiny pieces of plastic in the environment.

Additionally, styrofoam is incredibly hard to deal with when it comes to finding ways to dispose of it.

Hemp plastic is compostable and takes around 5 years to degrade.

If we start using hemp plastic in place of normal plastic, it would be a step in the right direction, knowing that it is not going to stay as it is in the environment for generations.


Hemp bioplastic cutlery and take out containers


Hemp Bioplastic Water Bottles and Containers

Plastic water bottles offer convenience for those who find themselves in a position where they cannot easily refill a reusable water bottle. There are also people who are unfortunately forced to purchase water bottles because of the quality of water in their area or from local shortages.

I believe the whole industry needs to change in order to provide clean water to everyone, but that is a collective feat that I think will take a very long time to conquer.

In the meantime, switching to hemp-based plastic for water bottles is a great idea in order to reduce our environmental impact.


bioplastic reusable water bottles


Hemp Bioplastic Containers

There are even reusable hemp plastic containers that you can use, just like a regular plastic container.  Imagine using hemp plastic rather than fossil fuel-based plastic to contain your food leftovers?

Wouldn’t it be great to have hemp bioplastic food storage containers to replace your fossil fuel oil-based plastic containers?

One of the problems with regular hard plastic food storage containers is that harmful chemicals used to make the plastic can leach into your food and cause health problems. These health ailments can affect not only you but the wildlife that eventually encounters the piece of plastic once it’s of no use.

A healthier alternative to regular plastic, hemp bioplastic does not leach harmful molecules into your food. 

We use plastic containers for a plethora of items, and we use them quite frequently. By changing to a biodegradable, durable and sustainable version, we can reduce our impact on the environment significantly.

You can even make 3D prints yourself out of hemp plastic! You would need to purchase the hemp plastic pellets for melting and extruding.

It is incredible how versatile such a product can be!


Where to Buy Hemp Bioplastic

For now, it seems we will need to wait for hemp plastic to become more widely available and for the price to come down, so it becomes comparable to fossil fuels-based plastic.

For now, there are a few places online where you can purchase hemp-based bioplastic pellets for melting and moulding.

Final Thoughts

For now, the hemp plastic industry is small compared to what we’re dealing with right now with the global incessant use of fossil fuel-based plastic. It is a very lucrative industry with lots of potentials, and it can help us solve many problems we deal with today in our daily lives. I really hope that one day it becomes large enough and subsidized so that it can and will compete as an alternative to regular plastic.

Top of hemp plant representing the plant used to make hemp bioplastic